RSYNC Command

Synchronize from Local Server to Remote

rsync -avuz /var/www/ root@

// only one file
rsync -avuz /var/www/ root@
  • a = archive mode
  • v = increase verbose
  • u = skip files that are newer on the receiver
  • z = compress file data during the transfer
    Archive mode is the same as options -rlptgoD

  • r = recurse into directories
  • l = copy symlinks as symlinks
  • p = preserve permissions
  • t = preserve modification times
  • g = preserve group
  • o = preserve owner (super-user only)
  • D = preserve device & special files

Synchronize from Local Directory to Another Local Directory

rsync -avuz /var/www/ /user/websites/

View the progress of the Sync

A percentage of each file’s status will be displayed which is useful if you’re transferring large files. Not so useful for tons of small files.

rsync -avuz --progress /var/www/ root@

Run Sync in the Background

If you’re running a large sync with either lots of files or large files, you probably want to run it in the background. Nothings more frustrating than starting a large sync and then find out later your connection with the server dropped. Below will keep the job running even if you’re connection gets dropped – actually you can exit the SSH session if you want. The job will continue to run.

  • Start rsync command
  • Press Ctrl+Z
  • Enter bg command to place job to the background
  • You can then view the job



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